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Christmas Banner Competition 2017 - Guess the Carol!

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How many carols can you name?


Nursery   'The Stars on the Bright Sky Look Down Where He lay'

Reception   'The Angel of the Lord Came Down and Glory Shone Around'

1L   'Guide us to Thy Perfect Light'

1R   'Follow that Star Tonight'

2L   'Ye Who Now will Bless the Poor Shall Yourselves Find Blessing'

2R   'Joyful all Ye Nations Rise Join the Triumph of the Skies'

3L   'The Silent Stars Go By'

3R   'Sleep in Heavenly Peace'

4L   'And Heaven and Nature Sing'

4R   'Remember Christ Our Saviour Was Born on Christmas Day'

5L   'Jesus Christ Was Born'

5R   'O Night Divine O Night When Christ Was Born'

6L   'They Looked Up and Saw a Star'

6R   'Sing Choirs of Angels'


The answers will be revealed in January when the banners come down....and you'll be able to see how many you guessed correctly.