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How To Apply For A Place In Nursery

How to apply for a place in Nursery for next year (January 2018-August 2018)


We MAY still have a number of places in our Nursery available for the CURRENT academic year. Please contact the school office directly for more information.



How to apply for a place in Nursery (September 2018)


The deadline for applying for the next round of admissions is the 14th of December 2017. Admissions will be made for the September term where the child’s third birthday falls before 1st September 2018 before a child’s fourth birthday, and children will remain in the Nursery for three terms.  For admissions in September 2018 only, the number of places allocated will be subject to number of children who were admitted to the Nursery for five terms in January 2018 under the 2017/18 admissions policy, and who will remain in the Nursery for the 2018/19 school year.


Fill in the application form called ‘Application Form for Nursery’, and (if you are applying for one of our ‘Foundation’ places) the Nursery ‘Parent Clergy Reference Form’ – both of these can be downloaded from our website. Give as much detail as possible to allow accurate applying of admission criteria.

Return the completed forms to the school office, who will give you photocopies of your application form.

The Clergy Reference form will be sent off to your church in time for the Admissions Committee of the Governing Body to make their decisions.
Letters of acceptance will be sent out.

Please read this in conjunction with the Nursery Admissions Policy and the relevant forms.