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LSO 2017 - Magical Mysterious Mirage

Magical Mystery Mirage (vocals)

Magical Mystery Mirage (piano)

Magical, Mysterious Mirage

by Rachel Leach


Sung: Strange, unexplained

Freaky phenomena

Has to be seen to be believed

Some call it sixth sense

Some call it ESP

Its just plain magic to me


Spoken: Let’s Make Magic!


Sung: Illusion, confusion, delusion, collusion

Camouflage, sabotage

Magical, Mysterious, Mirage


A wand

A top hat

A pack of cards

A suit of black

I’ll read your mind

Make a penny disappear

Cut a lady in half

Pull an egg from someone’s ear


Enchant a rope

Pick a card from a pack

Catch a bullet in my teeth

Vanish and come back

Escape from handcuffs

Float off the ground

Hypnotise you

Leave you spellbound


Abracadabra, Hopeless Focussed, Hocus Pocus


Abracadabra, Hopeless Focussed, Hocus Pocus

Magical, Mysterious, Mirage


Spoken: MAGIC!






c. Copyright Rachel Leach London 2017