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How To Apply For An In-Year Admission Place

How to apply for an In-Year admission place


For years Reception to Year 6:


Complete the London Borough of Barnet’s ‘Common Admission Form’ (CAF). This can be found at https://www.barnet.gov.uk/citizen-home/schools-and-education/school-admissions/in-year-school-admissions.html .


Fill in the application form called "Supplementary Information Form for Reception to Year 6" and the "Parent Clergy Form" if you are applying for a Foundation place. Give as much detail as possible to allow accurate applying of admission criteria. Return the completed forms to the school office. Applications under the Open criteria do not need to complete these forms. 


The Governing Body has designated 35 places to be offered to pupils whose parent/carer is a faithful and regular worshipper in an Anglican or other Christian Church (see below). ‘Faithful and regular worshipper’ shall mean that the parent(s) or those with parental responsibility have attended at least twice a month at a service of worship at the relevant church for at least 18 months immediately prior to an  application. Written evidence of an applicant’s commitment to their place of worship will be required on the School’s Clergy Reference Form which must be returned to the School; this evidence must be endorsed by the minister or priest. If there are more than 35 applicants who qualify for a Foundation Place, places will be allocated according to our admissions policy. If there are fewer than 35 qualified applicants for Foundation Places, any unfilled places will become additional Open Places. Unsuccessful applicants for Foundation Places will be considered for Open Places in accordance to our admissions policy.


For Nursery:


If you would like your child to attend the school’s nursery, you must complete a form, entitled ‘Application for Nursery Admission’ and bring it to the school office which will give you a photocopy of your completed application form. Applications may be made at any time, but to ensure your child is given the fullest priority to which they are entitled, forms should be received by 30th September. Applications received after this time will be considered at the end of the process. Applications must be accompanied by proof of the child’s age and address.


If you are applying for a Foundation Place (see below) please get the ‘Clergy Reference Form’ completed by your clergy and hand it in to the school office at the same time as you return the completed ‘Application for Nursery Admission’ form.  Once the Admissions Committee has met, letters will be sent to parents. Parents will have two weeks to accept the place, after which it may be withdrawn by the school and offered to another child. Unsuccessful candidates will be asked if they wish to remain on the waiting list. Applications received after the closing date will be assessed after the Admissions Committee has met and a place offered if the nursery is not full, or the child may be placed on the waiting list at the appropriate priority.



There is no deadline for applications.


Please read this in conjunction with the Admissions Policy for Primary or Nursery School (whichever is appropriate) and the relevant forms