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Our Medal of St Mellitus

You may have read our earlier news story about when the Bishop of London visited St Mary's - if not, have a look now! The Bishop of London presented Mr Allen with a medal, The Order of St Mellitus. You can see some close-up photos of the medal below. This medal is only given to people who have made a substantial contribution to the Christian life of London, or to building up overseas links with the Diocese of London. St Mary's School has been teaching the children of Finchley for over two-hundred years, and now has also helped our friends in Bilali School in South Sudan.


Here is some more information about St Mellitus: In AD 604, St Mellitus was consecrated bishop and sent by St Augustine to be a missionary bishop to the East Saxxons with London as his headquarters. He was driven from London by the heathen sons of King Sebert of Essex, because he refused to give them the sacremental bread unless they sonsented to be baptised. He fled to Gaul, but was recalled by St Laurence of Canterbury, upon whose death, in AD 619, he succeeded to the Archbishopric of Canterbury, and died in AD 624. Of the last years of his life almost nothing is known.