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Phonics in Reception

Phonics in Reception

This page is updated regularly so that you are kept informed about the Phonics that we are learning. This will help you to support your child's learning at home.

We have already learned sounds (phonemes) for the following letters:

s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d, g, o, ck, e, u, r, c, k, e, u, h,l, ll, f, ff, j, v, w, x, y, z, qu, ai (rain), ee (bee), igh (night)


Phase Three Phonemes that we have learnt so far: ch (chip), sh (shop), th (thin), ng (king), ee (feet), ai (rain), igh (night), ow (cow), oi (coin), ear (fear), air (hair), ur (fur), er (farmer), ure (pure), ar (car), or (fork), oa (goat), oo (spoon/book)


Tricky words: I, no, go, to, the, was, me, we, be, she, he, they, her, was, my, all, said, so, come, some, have, like, you, there, little, one, were, do, all, when, out, what, are

JOLLY SONGS A-Z(from the big book JOLLY SONGS)