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The School Bookshop


The School Bookshop was set up by the School and parents together many years ago and it is now a well-established and popular part of the School’s life.  Currently it is run by Tanis Towse, the School Librarian, and Hilary Luder, a former parent. 


Our purpose is to stimulate the children’s interest in and enthusiasm for books and to provide them with easy access to a wide range of reading materials, while at the same time raising funds to buy new books for the School.  


As a result of the support given to us by parents and pupils of the School, we are able to donate around £2,000 worth of much needed books to the school every year, both for the library and for reading in the classrooms, as well as funding visits to the school by children’s authors and the purchase of other reading materials such as newspapers and magazines.


You can find us in the atrium just outside the Year 2 classrooms; we open twice a week - on Wednesdays at lunch time and on Thursdays at the end of school - as well as on Parents’ evenings and during other special events.  We also run bookshops in the Nursery from time to time.


We aim to stock as wide a range of books as possible, including picture books and fiction, information and activity books designed to appeal to all ages within the School.  If we do not have a particular book in stock, we can usually order it for you within a week.  We also offer a ‘saving’ service whereby children can reserve a book for up to two weeks until they have collected enough money to buy it, as well as our own “Bookshop Token” which has proved very popular as a birthday present over the years.


We offer a discount on all our books – this is generally around 10%, but can often be more.  There is also a special discount of 20% on books which are bought as presents for the School.


If you have any questions about the Bookshop or any suggestions to make as to how we can improve the service we offer, please feel free to come and talk to Tanis in the Library or at the Shop at any time.


In any case, please come along any Wednesday or Thursday and take a look at what we have to offer.  We need and value your support!