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We approach the teaching of Science in a fun and interactive way, promoting the enjoyment that can be had from experimenting, investigating and discovering.


We achieve this through a well planned out curriculum that ensures skills are spread out over the years.


Children learn how to use apparatus and equipment in order to observe, measure and evaluate investigations. They are also encouraged to use their own scientific enquiry to guide the experiments and investigations.


Here is what some of our Year 6s have to say about Science:


“The experiments we do are really fun and interactive” (Natanya)


“It is a fun learning environment and there is a lot to discover” (Maxim)


“It is interesting, we learn new things and it is fun!” (Ali)


We celebrate science by providing children with the opportunity to take part in competitions and to attend school trips that are science based. Last year the whole if KS2 were lucky enough to attend a Science Conference, where they made snot and blew un-popable bubbles!


We also have yearly science themed weeks. During these weeks, lessons are devoted to learning about a certain aspect of science. This year, our focus was on the environment and each year group was given a different area to study; from recycling to global warming to renewable energy.


Please take a look at the photos of how children at St Mary’s experience science.

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Science: Targets


Below are the Science targets for that your children will be working towards in their work. Using these targets enable us to track your child's progress in all the relevant areas of learning.