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The School Day

Start of the day

The school day starts at 8:45am when the school gates are opened for children and parents/carers to wait in the playground. At 8:50am, the main school doors are opened for the children to enter, hang up their coats and bags in the cloakrooms, and head up to class for registration. A bell will be rung in the atrium at 8:55am, which is when the school doors are closed. Children must be in their classrooms by this time. Any children arriving after this time will have to go through the front entrance doors, near the school office, and they will be recorded as late.


Acts of Collective Worship

There is an Act of Collective Worship at school everyday where we come together, either in our classes, Key Stage groups, or as a whole school, to give thanks to God and learn of the values that Jesus taught. Class Acts of Collective Worship take place in the classroom, while Key Stage and whole school Acts of Collective Worship take place in the school hall. You can see the themes of our Acts of Collective Worship by going to the school Calendar page!


Morning Lessons and Break Time

Morning lessons begin at 9:05am after registration (or at 9:30am on days after whole-school Acts of Collective Worship). Children in Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2) have lessons until 10:20am, when they have their morning break time until 10:35am, and from then again until 11:55am when they go for lunch. Children in Key Stage 2 (Years 3, 4, 5 and 6) have their morning break time at 10:40am until 11:00am, and their lunch begins at 12:15pm to give the younger children more time to finish.



The children in Reception and Key Stage 1 have their lunch break at 11:55am, and their lunch ends at 1:00pm. The children in Key Stage 2 begin their lunch break at 12:15pm. Each Year Group will be called when it is their turn to go inside for their lunch. Lunch time ends for Key Stage 2 children at 1:15pm.


Afternoon Lessons

Lessons for the children in Key Stage 1 begin after they come inside for registration at 1:00pm. They have a fifteen-minute afternoon break at 2:00pm, and then have lessons again until the end of the day. Lessons for the children in Key Stage 2 begin after lunch and afternoon registration at 1:15pm. During the Autumn Term, Year 3 children join the Key Stage 1 children for their afternoon break as part of their Transition period. The other Key Stage 2 classes do not have a formal break time in the afternoon but their class teachers can choose to take them outside for a 10-minute break/guided physical activity.


End of the Day

At the end of the day, the class teachers take their children outside and dismiss them individually when they have seen the children’s parents/carers. School finishes at 3:20pm for Key Stage 1 classes. Key Stage 2 classes finish at 3:25pm. This staggered approach is used so that younger children in Key Stage 1 with older siblings in Key Stage 2 can be collected first.


We encourage parents/carers to be prompt when collecting their children and to be aware that traffic around the school and surrounding roads may be busy. If parents/carers know they will be late due to unforeseen circumstances and will not be able to collect their children on time, we would ask them to contact the school office with an estimated time of arrival and the class teachers will be informed. Any children not collected on time will be taken back inside the school and will wait to be collected from the 2R classroom.