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Welcome to the St Mary's Travel Plan page.


We are the school's Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSOs) and Mode Shifters (MOs). It is our jobs to make sure that people are sensible around the roads and that everyone gets to school safely. We also want to help people think about the ways in which they travel, encouraging people to use eco-friendlier ways of traveling, such as walking, cycling, or taking public transport more often rather than going by car all the time. In addition to this, we can help reduce the school's carbon footprint by helping to change the way people think about the environment - e.g. turning off lights when they are not in use.



School Walking Zone


These maps show the school Park & Stride routes. Not everyone can walk all the way to school from their homes as we know some people live a long way from the school, so we have devised these routes to allow everyone to walk some of the distance to school. Each route has been calculated to take approximately 10-minutes to walk. Walking some of the way will not only help YOU by giving you a great morning exercise work-out, but it will also help reduce the traffic congestion around the school in the morning and at the end of the day.

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