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Mr Stefan Roos                                                     

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Katy Hinson


Mrs Kerry Johnston


Teacher and Manager - Miss J Lever 

Early Years Professional - Mrs D Roberts

Senior Nursery Nurse - Mrs A Atif

Nursery Nurse - Mrs C Lloyd Chin

Nursery Nurse - Mr M Eracleous

Teaching Assistant - Miss L Lewis

Teaching Assistant (Lunchtime) -  Mrs K Tang

Teaching Assistant (Lunchtime) -  Mrs A Photiou


Teacher Stars - Mrs R Malkani

Teacher Rainbows - Miss E Olivelli

Nursery Nurse - Mrs S Zanelli

Early Years Professional - Mrs D Roberts

Nursery Nurse - Mrs A O’Brien

Nursery Nurse - Mrs V Marino 

Year 1

Teacher 1R - Mrs Peach and Miss Moran

Teacher 1L - Miss S Balman

Teaching Assistant -  Mrs A Papayiannis


Teacher 2L - Mrs Dias and Mrs P Ali Khan

Teacher 2R - Mrs G Bailey (SLT and EYFS/KS1 Leader)

Teaching Assistant - Mrs D Brown

1:1 Support Assistant - Mrs D Panaretou

1:1 Support Assistant - Miss J Tucker

Year 3

Teacher 3L - Mrs F McFarland

Teacher 3R - Miss N Wilson

Teaching Assistant - Mrs M Deshpande

Year 4

Teacher 4R - Ms E Hammond 

Teacher 4L - Miss Jones 

Teaching Assistant - Mrs S Hashmi

Teaching Assistant - Mrs J Shimir Premji


Year  5

Teacher 5L - Mrs G Harris

Teacher 5R - Miss S Eaton

Teaching Assistant - Mrs N Loizides 

1:1 Support Assistant - Miss S Goodman

Year 6

Teacher 6L - Mrs J Trott

Teacher 6R - Mr Styles (SLT and KS2 Phase Leader)

Teaching Assistant - Mrs C Whitehead

1:1 Support Assistant - Mrs S Huber-Gurry

1:1 Support Assistant - Miss H D'Esterre

1:1 Support Assistant - Mrs M Sparks


Office Manager – Ms K Davies

Office Administrator -  Mrs S Hatton

Office Assistant – Mrs N Freedman


Caretaker – Mr G Newby

Welfare Room

Welfare Assistant - Mrs N Richards

Welfare Assistant - Mrs S Hashmi


Mrs S Hashmi

Mrs H Depala

Mrs C Kailides

Mrs S Huber Gurry

Mrs H Depala

Specialist Teachers

Music Teacher – Mrs G Brais

PE Teacher - Mr G Paphitis

Specialist TA


Learning Mentor

Mrs F Dell


Mrs M Volioti